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Science and Technology Law

      Science and Technology Law is overseen by two Professors. Professor Liou, Hwa Meei specializes in energy law, energy policy, antitrust law, unfair competition law, patent law and administrative law. With regards to her teaching, through both theory and practice, Professor Liou instructs students in the fields of renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction as well as the international comparison of competition law, while guiding graduate students to participate in symposiums. In terms of academic research, Professor Liou is devoted to publishing papers in international and domestic professional journals related to energy and law, while also working as the executive editor of academic journal. In addition, Professor Liou continues to manage research projects for the Ministry of Science and Technology, working to see research results become the foundation of government policy.

    Science and Technology Law focuses on interactions of law and technology. The research field of Prof. Chen, Hsiao Hui focuses on Copyright and legal issues arising from Digitization of Works, Open Data, 3D Biopringtin, and Fintech. Through counting government funded research projects, the lab provides to agencies policy recommendations for the legal framework of relevant fields.