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Courses in English

International Business and Innovation Development

The course aims to learn the general theories of International Business, and apply MNEs (multinational enterprises) cases to explore different innovation strategies in the global economy. On the view of strategic approach, the course will guide students to understand MNEs’ strategy content and process. In addition, this course includes the issues about industrial clusters, green innovation, and ethic events from several international cases for further discussions. Through the process, students can learn how a MNE evaluate the changing global economies to make right decisions. The case studies also helps students to realize the global challenges in real world.

Course Syllabus


Social Science Methodology

The course aims to help students to accumulate the knowledge of different methodologies. In order to learn the skills for writing thesis, the course leads students to formulate their ideas, conduct their research question with different methods. Students are expected to learn the techniques to manage a qualitative or a quantitative research in the real researching projects. Students will learn how to work with software and improve the quantitative analysis skills during the process of the course. A final check will be how students complete a research report in social science field or business research.

Course Syllabus


Social Network Analysis and Managerial Applications

The course is organized into three major sections: basic methods and tools, managerial applications, and modern theories and applications.

1. Basic methods and tools section introduces basic concepts, terminologies, methods, and tools for social network analysis. Topics include network centrality, network structure, weak ties, social capital, and structural holes, etc.

2. Managerial applications section elaborates on how the connectivity problems in an organization can be identified and resolved.

3. Modern theories and applications section discusses modern extensions of SNA theories and applications such as small-world networks, inter-organizational networks, corporate board networks, patent citation networks, main path analysis, etc.

Course Syllabus


Technology Marketing 

We will use Coursera as supporting material. This is a magnificent tool that we can learn from the best. The course (Introduction to Marketing) on Coursera is provided by Wharton Business School. It starts from October 5th and ends on November 2th for 4 weeks. We will follow this course for your basic understanding of marketing and discuss the application in Hi-tech industry in class 

Course Syllabus


Strategic Management of Technology & Innovation

This course is meant to provide an overview of concepts and tools for thinking about and managing technology businesses. We emphasize the understanding and application of ways of thinking or models that help in the analysis, development and implementation of strategies for managing technology. The course requires a great deal of reading, thinking, and preparing for class discussion and assignments; if you intend to take this course you should commit sufficient time for preparation and participation.

Course Syllabus