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Education goals

Our three focus areas are Science &Technology Policies and Business, Technology & Law, and Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

1. Science &Technology Policies and Business
This area deals with the operation and management of technology-related business, including high-tech strategic management, high-tech marketing management, and managerial applications of social network analysis. Expertise in this field will help graduates to qualify for middle to high level management positions in the hi-tech industry.

2. Technology and Law
This area focuses on technology–related legal problems, including Intellectual Property Rights issues in Research & Development. By introducing intellectual property laws and marketing strategies, enterprise and competition laws, as well green energy technology policies & energy laws, students will acquire specialized legal knowledge that is necessary for many management positions in the technology industry.

3. Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
This area focuses on the relation between innovation and entrepreneurship, including the strategic management of technological innovation, new business development, managing innovation in organizations and development of creativity. Students will be equipped with creative thinking skills that are vital for coming up with new business solutions.

In accordance with the requirements of AACSB accreditation, the Graduate Institute of Technology Management ensures the quality of learning by designing courses which will equip students with the following core competences upon graduation:
(1)Ability to communicate effectively
(2)Ability to formulate research proposals and conduct research
(3)Ability to analyse technology strategies and policies
(4)Ability to manage intellectual property
(5)Ability to innovate and apply entrepreneurial thinking skills